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Prague is often referred to as the heart of Europe. It is the Gateway to Central Europe – 6 countries and over 40 UNESCO Heritage Sites are easily accessible from Prague. Major hubs such as London, Paris,  Barcelona, Amsterdam, Rome, Berlin, Milan, Budapest are within an hour flight of Prague.

12th most popular worldwide destination (Trip Advisor 2022 Traveler’s Choice).

5th best destination in Europe (Trip Advisor Traveler’s Choice 2022).

6th most peaceful country in the world according to the 2022 Global Peace Index by the Institute for Economic and Peace.

The Economy is stable and prosperous making it ripe for foreign investment.

The combination of value for a dollar, a pleasant climate, diverse nature, with plentiful cultural and historical monuments makes the Czech Republic one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe.

Statistically Speaking:

  • Czech Republic’s Rating AA- (Standard & Poor’s).
  • The most competitive economy among new EU members according to the 2022 IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook.
  • One of the highest GDP growth rates in E.U. (2.5% in 2022).
  • Number 9 in export within E.U.  (360 billion CZK in 2022).
  • Open economy, underpinned by strong foreign trade.
  • Lowest unemployment rate in the E.U. (2.1%)
  • Strong business and ownership relations to the E.U.
  • Czech trade balance swung into a surplus of CZK 14.3 Billion in February of 2023 from a CZK 6.9 Million deficit in the corresponding period of 2022.
  • Strong export reliance on manufacturing industry. The GDP from manufacturing in Czech Republic reached an all time high of 325835 CZK Million in the last quarter of 2022.

The Czech economy is growing at a higher rate than the EU average. It is a desirable place for investments and business activities. Unmistakable Czech products are popular worldwide. The success of Czech science is also well-demonstrated, with many patented inventions and discoveries due to a high standard of education and technical capabilities.

The Czech Republic has over the last two decades rapidly raised the country’s standard of living, developed its service sector and concentrated on implementing important economic reforms.

Few other countries offer such desirable investment conditions. Many multinationals have noticed Czech Republic’s attributes and they are seizing the opportunities. The ground work for continued development and financial growth within this economy is laid, and Prague hungers for more investors with capacity and vision.

For the most discerning of clients we offer our experience and resources to capitalize on what is quickly becoming a major hub of international business.

The Czech Republic is the seventh safest country according to the Global Peace Index. It is a good decision to take a look at real estate property in this small country at the heart of Europe.

The golden opportunities for investors are only out-shined by the incredible magic and beauty of this historical country.


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