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PRAGUE LUX  is a top end real estate firm, specializing in residential and commercial properties. We focus on serving a high-net-worth clientele who generally own multiple homes in numerous locations across the world.

The characteristics that define luxury real estate differ between countries, with location defining the principal characteristic of the property’s value, which is why investing in a strategically placed country such as the Czech Republic makes it a unique investment opportunity.

Czech Republic is a bouquet of  versatile landscape, adorned with fairy tale castles, gorgeous mansions and charming villages. It’s capital city Prague has quickly become a truly cosmopolitan city. There is endless opportunity, and what ever you can imagine we can deliver.

Navigating the financial regime is also our specialty. Our Agents have cultivated  relationships with some of the most influential people in Prague. We have real experience in removing the barriers which normally inhibit investors from achieving their visions.  Our quest is to never leave your goal unrealized.

PRAGUE LUX offers the absolute best. Specializing in luxury, we are the seamless avenue to exclusive investment properties, operating in beating heart of central Europe.

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