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We have partnered with a lending firm that is licensed by the Czech National Bank. The firm specializes in all types of real estate finance and business loans.

Providing a non-bank loan

Clients who are denied credit by the ordinary bank can also obtain this loan
Without proof of purpose

  • No proof of income (for a loan to sell a property)
  • Without proof of business history (for business loans)
  • Interest rate guarantee throughout the loan period
  • Credit free of charge
  • Real estate estimate and credit assessment free
  • Fast credit processing
  • Without unnecessary bureaucracy and the need to commute
  • Professional and correct approach

The only loan we can give you without proof of income (your income will be evidenced by the anticipated proceeds from the sale of the property).

The loan is granted for a maximum of 18 months, which is the optimal time to get the best possible price for your property. You pay a certain amount of credit and interest up to the money you get from selling the property.

Credit parameters

Loan amount: 500.000Kč – 100.000.000Kč and more (according to the value of collateral)
Interest: From 10% pa
Instalment: You do not pay anything for the entire duration of the loan, the loan, including accessories, will be repaid from the sale of the property.

Maturity: 18 months
Reinsurance: Pledge of property
Payout: By transfer (within five days of entering the lien in the Land Registry, or even after submitting a deposit proposal).

Processing fee: According to the severity of the case.

We can facilitate loans from 500.000Kč (€20.000) up to 100.000.000Kč (€4.000.000).

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